A Brothers Restaurant

The Nichols brothers, Matt & Jeff, grew up in Ames, Iowa where their love of cooking, good food and a sense of family and community was nurtured. In the summer of 1996, they opened the original Brothers Restaurant in Solvang, which they soon outgrew. In 2002, the brothers brought fine dining to Mattei’s Tavern and are proud to have been the caretakers of that venerable spot until they opened Sides Hardware & Shoes - a Brothers Restaurant in Los Olivos in 2012.

The 2013 opening of their second Santa Barbara Wine Country restaurant, Brothers Restaurant at the Red Barn in Santa Ynez, allows them to offer visitors and locals alike great food, wine and hospitality. The brothers strive to have legendary service, innovative “made from scratch” cuisine, and a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that causes you to return time and time again.


Built in 1901 by Milburn Sides, “M. SIDES HARDWARE AND SHOES” was family owned and operated until the late 1970’s.  Since then it has been a myriad of businesses; from art galleries to a dance studio to other esteemed restaurants.  When the BROTHERS moved in, they wanted to honor the history of the building, recreating the American craftsmanship that was alive and well in the early 20th century - and bring back the original name.  You’ll find attention to detail in décor, food preparation and service.